Angel's Billabong

16/06/2020 17:27



In Bali Island, there are many beach attractions both white sandy beaches and black sand beaches, but for those who have often gone on a a vacation to Bali probably feel bored for having a vacation to the beach that had previously been visited. If you are looking for a beach, there are lots of beaches in West Bali and East Bali, but have you ever been to Nusa Penida? Nusa Penida can be claimed as one of the most beautiful islands in Bali. even though you have to cross to Nusa Penida, you will certainly not regret having to 'struggle' to be able to enjoy the amazing natural treats while there because Nusa Penida presents a variety of unique natural nuances and may not be found in any corner of the world, one of them is Angel’s Billabong.


The name of Angel’s Billabong is a parable that illustrates the beauty of natural paintings in this place. For Billabong itself means a tip of a dead-end river. So it can be underlined that Angel’s Billabong is a river edge that has beautiful scenery like an angel.







Angel’s Billabong is the final estuary of a river before the river flows into the open sea. That is like the uniqueness of such a beautiful natural pool that you can only get at Angel’s Billabong. So if you are on vacation to Bali, it never hurts to visit the area that stores this natural beauty.






One attraction of Angel’s Billabong itself is the existence of a natural pool. This natural pool has a beauty and artistic value that is quite unique. You can see the combination of clear water and yellowish-green corals that make a scene of natural work that is second to none.


The clean and clear conditions of the river, the activity that is suitable for you to do in this area is swimming. But swimming at Angel’s Billabong itself will bring a different experience. A quiet and comfortable location will make anyone who visits this place feel comfortable to linger to spend their time in this estuary. You will also get a beautiful open sea view together with the sound of the waves that were exotic became one of the other attractions. However, you still need to consider your safety especially the tides when swimming in Angel’s Billabong. Because when the sea is on high tide, the sea will usually bring waves into the rocks. Therefore, it is recommended not to swim when the seawater is on high tide.






If you plan to visit Angel’s Billabong, please know that it's better to come when summer arrives. Because during the rainy season apart from slippery terrain, you also will not get a natural landscape that you should get. Like the water clarity, because in the rainy season the water conditions in Angel’s Billabong will become murky. Similarly, when the full moon arrives, at that time you will be faced with the conditions of the tidewater.



To reach Angel’s Billabong, you have to cross from Sanur crossing pier which takes approximately 1 hour. You must pay attention to your speedboat travel schedule because speedboat rental to Nusa Penida itself is not available at all times. The itinerary starts from 07.30 AM to 04.00 PM. If the time has passed, There is no speedboat that provides services to cross to Nusa Penida.

The funds you need to prepare are around IDR 75,000 per person to be able to rent the speedboat. Then on arrival in Nusa Penida, the journey continues using a motorcycle to get to the tourist sites. To avoid getting lost, you can hire the services of a tour guide because the location of Angel’s Billabong itself is quite difficult to reach and it is located in a remote area.


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