Alam Puisi Villa Ubud

24/01/2021 00:32

Alam Puisi Villa Ubud is a luxury inn that provides a natural experience of staying in Bali. As the name implies, the natural atmosphere in this luxury inn is so comfortable. The Balinese culture that is close to nature will feel so thick while in this hotel.

The natural atmosphere in Alam Puisi Villa Ubud is accompanied by complete and luxurious facilities. You can enjoy all the available facilities freely. That way, the experience of having a vacation to Ubud, Bali can feel very maximal. Moreover, Alam Puisi Villa has a strategic location, allowing you to explore Ubud with ease.




Facilities at Alam Puisi Villa Ubud

While inside this 4-star Ubud hotel, you can find various facilities. For food, the hotel provides Tepi Sawah Poetry Restaurant. This restaurant allows you to eat a menu with additional treats in the form of views of the rice fields that spread out wide.

There are many menu choices that you can get at this Tepi Sawah Poetry Restaurant, ranging from western, Asian, vegetarian, to vegan menus that are processed raw. In addition, the restaurant also provides cooking lessons that allow you to learn how to cook Balinese food.

Furthermore, the hotel also has spa and yoga services. Doing yoga here will feel so relaxing, surrounded by green rice fields. Moreover, the yoga venue provided by Alam Puisi Villa Ubud has a large size, it can accommodate as many as 100 people at once.




Choice of Rooms and Rates for Staying at Alam Puisi Villa Ubud

This 4-star equivalent accommodation has a very limited number of villas. In total, there are 27 villas that you can occupy. Even though the numbers are not too many, the facilities that you can find in each villa give you a sense of comfort and feel at home lingering in it.

There are 3 choices of villas that you can find if you want to spend the night at Alam Puisi Villa Ubud. The villa options are one bedroom villas, family villas and suite villas. These three choices of luxury villas are accompanied by private pools in them. That way, you can spend your time relaxing while swimming to your heart's content.

The stay rates set by the villa manager are also not too burdensome. For example, a one bedroom villa, you can get for a fee of IDR 1 million per night. This villa offers a large area, reaching 100 square meters. Inside, you can find facilities such as flat screen TV, safe deposit box, work desk, mini bar, or terrace area.


Location and Accessibility

You can find this inn at the address Banjar Sembuwuk which is part of the administrative area of ??Pejeng Village in Ubud. There are several popular tourist spots that you can find not far from Alam Puisi Villa. These places include Naka Contemporary Art, Puser Tasik Temple, Ubud Botanic Garden, and Bali Jungle Fish.

With its various advantages, this hotel is the right choice for tourists who like a calm atmosphere. Moreover, those who claim that they prefer to live close to nature.

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