Abyss Zipline Ceningan Island Resort

31/03/2021 22:36

Known as the hidden island of Nusa Ceningan, it also has its own beauty and uniqueness. Abyss Zipline Ceningan Island Resort is one of them. Thanks to the existence of this tourist spot, you can not only admire the beauty of Nusa Ceningan, but also choose various tourist activities while you there.

Administratively, the island of Nusa Ceningan is an area of ??Klungkung Regency, Bali. You can add Nusa Ceningan as your tourist destination while in Bali. The location is also interesting, side by side with Nusa Lembongan which has no less beautiful views.

As mentioned earlier, Nusa Ceningan has a variety of interesting tours, one of which you can try is playing flying fox. However, this flying fox is different from the flying fox that you usually encounter at outbound places. Flying fox this time looks more challenging.




Activities in Abyss Zipline Ceningan Island Resort

Nusa Ceningan is famous for its amazing cliffs, so here you can take advantage of these cliffs to test your adrenaline and have fun. A ride that is quite stressful for you is the Abyss Zipline Ceningan Island Resort. Abyss Zipline is a vehicle owned by Ceningan Island Resort.

At Abyss Zipline you can challenge yourself by sliding on a zipline from a cliff with views of the ocean below you. By using the zipline, you will be carried sliding from one side of the cliff to another. You will be attached to a rope sandwiched between two wires.

Then, you will be taken across the ocean with the amazing waves right below you. It will really be an exciting and tense experience. Besides being exciting and tense, playing at Abyss Zipline you are still treated to a very beautiful view.

Along the way you slide using a zipline, you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment. The combination of the green color of the trees that grow around and the blue sea really makes your eyes feel comfortable when you see it, the fresh air that blows makes the mood more relaxed and comfortable. So you can release your fatigue for a moment from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Playing at Abyss Zipline you don't have to worry about security. The rides have been designed according to safety standards that will ensure you can glide safely. There are staff who will also ensure your safety when you are about to slide.




Abyss Zipline Ceningan Island Resort Rates

Abyss Zipline Ceningan Island Resort is one of the rides at Ceningan Island Resort, but if you are not a guest or don't stay at Ceningan Island Resort, you can still try this extreme ride. You only need to provide IDR 50,000 per person, then you can slide. Ceningan Island Resort is located about 600 meters to the left from the location of the yellow bridge. You can follow the signs to get to this resort.

Try new things while on vacation in Bali by testing your adrenaline at the Abyss Zipline, so you can add to your exciting experience while on vacation. You can invite friends and family to enjoy the beauty of Nusa Ceningan while sliding on this extreme flying fox, so that your vacation will feel even more fun and memorable.

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