9/11 Cafe & Concept Store

20/11/2020 17:58

As the most popular tourist island, tourists can find many cool and interesting places on the island of Bali. You can also find this cool and cool place in a variety of choices, including unique and contemporary cafes. 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store Denpasar is a hangout and hip cafe which is currently very popular in Bali.

The uniqueness that you can get from the 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store is its unique interior and exterior design. They use a building concept in a Scandinavian style that gives a vintage impression. At the same time, the 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store also provides modern and complete facilities. Therefore, visitors to this cafe can relax comfortably.


9/11 Café & Concept Store’s Theme

You can find Scandinavian style in building architectural design in the use of old wood on various sides of the building. In fact, most of the furniture and several points of the building were built using wood materials. An atmosphere like this gives a sense of comfort in itself. Moreover, for those of you who like vintage-style buildings.

Not only that, 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store also provides a spacious room atmosphere. When viewed from the outside, the 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store building does look small. However, who would have thought that you would find a two-story building that provides many places that can be used as a relaxing location for cafe visitors.




On the first floor, you will find a large area with a large sofa in the middle. You will also find a coffee spot which is the location for guest services. Furthermore, you can also choose to head to the second floor. There, there are indoor and outdoor areas that you can use.

The interesting thing is, 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store provides an outdoor area in the form of a sunset deck. As the name implies, this sunset deck is a suitable location for guests who want to enjoy the evening atmosphere calmly. Not to forget, you can also use this place as a work location, because there is a co-working spot.

In addition to the first and second-floor areas, you can also find a backyard area in the form of open land. This land can be used if you want to hold a special event at the 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store. In addition, 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store also provides the option of using this area as a location for holding weddings.


Varieties Menu Options at 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store Bali

When visiting here, the menu that can be found is of course various types of coffee. There is a coffee menu that you should try. Its name is pandan coffee. At first glance, this coffee has a similar appearance to cendol ice. However, the taste will be much different from cendol ice, made with a mixture of pandanus, coconut milk, and coffee. Then, you can also find other drinks, such as cappuccino, blend Nutella, and others.




Furthermore, you can also find a variety of food menus that are no less varied. The majority of the menu that you can order when visiting this cafe is western-style food. Spaghetti, pizza, and burgers are the types of food that are quite often ordered here. In addition, you can also order other menus from the archipelago, including Soto Betawi, mixed rice, and others.

You can find this place located at Jl. Teuku Umar Barat Number 337, West Denpasar District, Denpasar City. This cafe is open every day from 9 am to 11 pm. Especially on Fridays and Saturdays, 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store is open later until 00.00.

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